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You are in Medina del Campo, a very important city if you want to understand Spain’s history and, more specifically, you are in its Main Square – the largest of the country, measuring more than 14,000 m2. To your left, you will see the Colegiata de San Antolín with its tower. Noteworthy is its Virgen del Pópulo Balcony, precursor to what is known as the Open Chapel.

In this square, thousands of merchants would get together to do business and the deals they made would have no legal validity until the priest finished the religious ceremony. Next to the Tourism Office, you will see the City Hall and, further on, the Royal Testament Palace, where Queen Isabella signed her last will and testament, and where she passed away. Did you know that she left 20,000 masses paid for her soul?

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San Antolin's Collegiate


City Hall


Royal Testament Palace


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